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If your having problems getting your craft heard it doesn't matter what type of music category your in or if your just a beat maker/producer we promote all world wide to thousands of people waiting to hear you. Let our experts promote you on soundcloud. Climb the music charts quickly and get the exposure you need. It will be just a matter of weeks before you get approached by a big Label!!


Increase your reputation on soundcloud with our soundcloud plays service. Our plans range from 10,000 plays & more just Starting at $10 which is the cheapest SOUNDCLOUD PLAYS price out there.


Get any number of downloads to your soundcloud tracks quick and risk free. we can get you up to a 100,000 downloads in a few days. You can share plays or downloads among five tracks.


Get Real Targeted soundcloud followers. See Our FAQ to see how we do this. All followers are Real People.It takes a lot of work to do this but we still managed to make the prices reasonable.


Our Soundcloud Services Are The Cheapest And The Best!

We use "natural" risk free methods to get you plays, downloads and REAL followers on soundcloud. Your tracks will get viral in days 100% customer satisfaction guarantee service so what are you waiting for GET HEARD NOW...


Quick Turnaround Time

Most of our services Get completed within 24 hours. Our biggest packages take a maximum of 7 Days to complete.

Engage People

Using our service you can build up a community of music Entusiasts interested in your brand. Get quick exposure when you release your next track.

100% Guarantee

We will Guarantee 100% that you will get the number of followers, plays or downloads you                        order with some Extras.